8 ways to get into a new car through your job, and even save on tax


Ever wondered what novated leasing is all about?  The truth is, it’s pretty simple when you know the facts. So here’s a rundown of how it works – and more importantly – what’s in it for you.

1.   What’s a novated lease?

It’s an agreement between an employer, employee and a fleet management organisation like Toyota Fleet Management. The car lease payments and running costs come straight out of your salary, so it’s an easy way to get into a new car.

2.   Can you choose any type of car?

Absolutely. You can pick the dream car you want which suits your lifestyle. Plus, it can be any make or model, not just a Toyota. 

3.   Get a great deal

Thanks to Toyota Fleet Management’s buying power, you can access discounted fleet vehicle prices. And because funds come direct from Toyota Finance, rather than an underwriter, you can get access to competitive interest rates. 

4.   Pay less tax

With pre-and post-tax deductions from your salary, you’ll enjoy income tax savings. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to pay GST on the purchase price of your chosen vehicle. Now who doesn’t love saving on tax? Already convinced? Why not enquire now.

5.   Save on running costs too

With a Toyota Fleet Management novated lease, your servicing, maintenance and tyres are all included in one monthly payment which is deducted from your salary, making budgeting that little bit easier. Your Toyota Fleet Management fuel card can also deliver savings as it’s a convenient way to pay for fuel.

6.   Know your payments up front

You can use our online calculator to get a better understanding of what makes up a novated lease, as it shows you the numbers you need to see to make an informed decision.

7.   Forget rego and CTP

Say goodbye to queues, quotes and invoices. With a novated lease, your registration and CTP are all taken care of. The only exclusions are tolls, fines and insurance excess.

8.   Keep track of your lease

You also get full visibility of your novated lease with Toyota Fleet Management online, where you can track your payments and running costs at a glance.

So that’s novated leasing in a nutshell. To get the car you’ve been dreaming of, get in touch today.

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