From workshop to management

Glen Tomlinson

As General Manager of Toyota Fleet Management, Glen Tomlinson is responsible for overseeing the complete fleet business operation. Glen takes a collaborative approach to management, so as to provide a seamless experience for the businesses customers.

Starting out as a diesel mechanic, Glen’s life in fleet management has taken him from the garage floor to the heights of heading the Toyota Fleet Management business entirely. Having moved through the credit teams, then sales and finally into management, his breadth of knowledge and experience is invaluable to the business.

In Glen’s own words, “I’ve been lucky to see how the whole network and automotive industry works from the ground up.”

As a leader, Glen believes in building capability from within, to help the business control outcomes effectively. This applies to Toyota Fleet Management’s (TFM’s) fully maintained products, CompleteLease and Chattel Mortgage, which are both managed in-house.

Glen’s success comes down to a positive approach, teamwork, and never losing sight of each customer’s experience. Here are a few more insights from Glen.

What are some words of wisdom?

If you make a mistake, solve it before you pass it on to another team. Don’t spread problems around – ensure it’s fixed at the source so quality is assured down the line.

Why do you like working for TFM?

At TFM, respect for people is a core pillar that makes it a wonderful place to work.
Management takes a long-term approach to everyone working here.

How is TFM different?

We look at a problem as an opportunity to fix something for the future – it’s a positive
not a negative. This ties into our philosophy of continuous improvement.

How do you look after your customers?

If you look at a customer’s requirements, they need an excellent vehicle, a fleet team that offers value for money, and a dealer network that provides comprehensive servicing with maintenance and repairs. Toyota looks at the whole value chain to ensure customers come back again and again.

What’s been your biggest achievement?

Turning up at Toyota and showing everyone within the network that if we work together to support each other we will achieve our goals.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership means working with the team to ensure we’re working towards the same goal. It’s all about empowering the team, letting them know that what they do is important to a customer’s experience.

How do you see the future of fleet?

I think customers will move to shorter term leases. I see them taking more of a needs based approach, such as mini leases, car sharing and Uber. Whatever direction fleet takes, TFM will be leading the way.

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