How TFM became a local council's best friend

Michael Friend

How TFM became a local council’s best friend
Fleet Sales Manager Michael Friend doesn’t consider himself a sales person. He simply helps to find the right product for a customer, then immerses himself in their business to help them move forward. Just like he did for Liverpool Council.

In the past, councils in NSW self-funded their fleet vehicles. But four years ago, all that changed. The state government wanted to ensure local council vehicles were ‘fit for future’.

So Michael presented Liverpool Council with a solution to reduce their overheads and take their old vehicles off their hands. He introduced them to their local Toyota dealership that got all the council employees into new vehicles. 

Needless to say, this was a big coup for Michael and his team, which has resulted in more council business as word of mouth has spread. However, this is just one of Michael’s achievements. We asked him a few questions about what else he’s done in his 10 years at TFM.

Describe how a Fleet Manager support clients business
We look to remove the burden from companies by managing all aspects of their fleet. They just receive one bill each month and they’re good to go.

Tell us why TFM is your employer of choice?
I believe the company rewards you for doing well. There are plenty of opportunities to progress.

Motivation is important, in life and work. So what motivates you every day?
Targets. I’ve always worked in sales so I like reaching targets is a massive motivator for me.

How do you feel you’ve grown during your career?
While I’ve always understood the sales side, managing people was new to me. Leading a team and taking part in leadership seminars has been great for my growth.

Tell us more about leadership and what it means to you.
Respecting others and leading by example. I would never ask anyone in my team to do anything I wouldn’t do.

What’s been your biggest achievement and why?
Getting TFM onto the board of the NSW government was a huge achievement – the process took two years, With our support, they were able to free up around $2 billion in costs.

What’s something about yourself that nobody knows?
As a teenager I was a competitive cricketer. I played against Michael Clarke when I was 16.

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