Novated lease benefits

A novated lease with TFM is one of the most convenient, simple and cost-effective ways to drive the car you want. Take advantage of the following novated lease benefits:

Novated Lease Testimonials zoe

Zoe, NSW

With a young family I am keen to maximise my take home salary and switching my car finance and taking out a novated lease has meant more money in my pay packet every month. I also don't have the hassle of setting aside money for my car running expenses as everything is covered in my monthly payment so a novated lease has saved me time and money!

Wayne, NSW

Thank you TFM for the speed you did my novated lease, you made the process so simple. Although I know this is your area of expertise, you made it easy and pleasant for me.

Novated Lease Testimonials wayne
Novated Lease Testimonials tanya

Tania, VIC

TFM made what could have been traumatic, not so stressful by keeping me updated on my novated lease which I really appreciate, especially because I'm in sales myself and know the process. I am so impressed that I passed on TFM's details to two of my colleagues who are looking to novate.

Steve, VIC

The novated lease consultant that handled my novated lease provided outstanding service. The level of professionalism and efficiency was excellent and certainly made the experience pleasant compared to previous companies I have used. I have already recommended TFM to my fellow colleagues for novated leasing.

Novated Lease Testimonials Steve Image

Novated lease explained

Want more detail about novated leasing, check out novated lease explained which takes you through the novated lease journey.


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