6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Car Sharing

February 2018

Car sharing - 6 reason why your business needs it

Car sharing services have become increasingly popular over the last few years. For individuals, they see it as a cost-efficient and convenient way of getting around without having to worry about ongoing operating costs.

As a business owner, you already know the challenges of managing a fleet and how frustrating it can be when keys are constantly getting lost, vehicles are sitting idle and damage goes unreported. But how can businesses adopt a new kind of business mobility that benefits both the employees and employers?

One solution is through Toyota Fleet Management Car Sharing which is designed to ensure your fleet of vehicles operate at optimum capacity. It utilises a smart online booking system, which makes it easier for your employees to book the vehicles and for you to manage your fleet. Overall it saves you time, improves vehicle utilisation and helps to reduce costs.

1. Ready to use 24/7

In just a few clicks, staff can book and access vehicles anywhere and at any time via iPhone, Android or Desktop.  

2. Better utilisation and comprehensive reporting

No more vehicles sitting idle. Smart features allow you to select and allocate the pool of vehicles efficiently, log maintenance and automatically extend bookings. Dashboard metric reporting gives you full visibility over the usage of your fleet, helping you optimise utilisation.

3. Financial savings

The centralised booking system makes your fleet easy to manage and helps relieve administration challenges, translating to cost savings while increasing efficiency.

4. Tailor-made for greater control

The platform is customisable, giving you greater control when it comes to the management of fleet vehicles. Some smart features include: bulk loading of users, vehicle policy enforcement and the ability to set separate business and private rates by time or kilometres.

5. Links with other smart systems, like Forcefield Telematics™

ForceField Telematics™ is a mobile technology that tracks vehicle and driver behaviour. The data it provides enables insights to help you identify safety concerns, while maximising operational efficiencies. Coupled with Car Sharing, ForceField Telematics™ allows you to make better business decisions to optimise your fleet. 

Watch how it works here.

6. Keyless entry

No need to worry about who had the keys last. Staff members can unlock and drive booked vehicles using a key card. This provides the ultimate in convenience and ease for your employees to access your businesses vehicles.

Forcefield Telematics™ and Keyless entry are available with selected bundles only. To find out more about our choice of bundles, click here.

No matter how many vehicles your business has, in order to minimize operational costs and improve fleet visibility, it’s important to manage your fleet properly. With Toyota Fleet Management Car Sharing, it’s never been easier to manage, book and evaluate fleet vehicles for greater efficiency. 
More and more businesses are reducing their mobility costs with a smarter fleet. If you run a business and are interested in optimising your fleet, find out how Car Sharing can work for your business here.

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