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July 13, 2023
The Federal Government has passed a new bill to apply a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemption to certain zero or low emission vehicles. Under the pre-existing law, employers who provided a fringe benefit to an employee on an electric car were subject to FBT on the value of the benefit. The Treasury Laws Amendment (Electric Car Discount) Bill 2022 removes the FBT on eligible electric cars provided to employees by employers. This is good news for both employees and the environment.
May 17 , 2023
The ForceField Telematics platform is part of an integrated Toyota Fleet Management solution that is able to provide yourtown with more than just data. The ForceField Telematics platform provides valuable insights that enable further recommendations to improve both their fleet efficiency and fleet safety.
October 10 , 2022
Want to set up company cars for your business? Here's a brief summary of what you need to know about small business fleet leasing – including leasing options, costs, safety and operational considerations. Whilst running your own fleet may appear to be a daunting option, planning ahead and taking account of the key considerations will help you with the process.
August 22 , 2022
In this article, we explore everything you need to know more about creating a company vehicle policy. We’ll also give you some handy tips and tricks to help keep your drivers as safe as possible.
July 13 , 2022
If you’re an employee, you would want to pay less tax, and make your income work harder, correct?
And if you’re an employer, you would want to attract and retain the best staff.
June 17 , 2022
For those businesses with a fleet of vehicles, it is important to look at all your options. Before deciding on company car leasing for your employees, consider not only the vehicles available, but also the provider.
June 02 , 2022
If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, then the Global Position System (GPS) fleet tracking is an essential element of your transport management operation. Discover why fleet tracking is important for your business.

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