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Fleet Vehicle Leasing vs Buying

Before deciding on whether or not you should buy a fleet vehicle, it is a good idea to compare both purchasing and leasing.

Some businesses prefer to buy outright with a larger outlay at the start but no monthly fees. However, this would require a large capital outlay and it should be noted that vehicles do depreciate quickly. If your company has been in existence for longer, and has a lump sum available, then purchasing may be more attractive.

When it comes to fleet leasing, this type of arrangement enables you to choose the vehicles required for your fleet, and then simply pay a monthly invoice. Fleet services are normally included, so as a business, you have less things to worry about or to monitor.

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Toyota Fleet Management Fleet Management Home Feature Box

Corporate Fleet Vehicle

The reasons for getting a fleet vehicle will vary according to the type of business that you have. Maybe you need to make deliveries, travel to see clients regularly or provide management with company vehicles. Providing employees with a high-spec luxury vehicle can attract staff of a higher calibre.

Leasing a fleet of cars, utes or vans is very simple. If you buy or lease more than ten vehicles, this has the potential to attract various incentives from the manufacturer.

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