Forcefield Telematics®: A fleet managers' best friend

March 2018

Forcefield Telematics a fleet managers best friend. Toyota Fleet Management

Forcefield Telematics® is a powerful mobile technology that tracks vehicle and driver behaviour. Its purpose is to optimise fleet usage and provide never-before-seen insights into your drivers and fleet. From here, you can leverage these insights to make improvements towards a smarter, safer and more efficient fleet.

How does ForceField Telematics® work?

  1. A bespoke locator unit is fitted to the vehicles, enabling all sorts of data collection
  2. This data is transmitted over the cellular network to ensure maximum coverage
  3. All data, analytics and reports can be accessed on your desktop and mobile devices.

What information does ForceField Telematics® capture?

With ForceField Telematics®, you’ll be able to record and utilise the following information:

Exclude image Real-time visibility
Locate and manage your vehicles in real time. Here you can view excessive idle time, vehicle location, route and direction of travel. This can help recover assets and manage productivity. 

Exclude image
Electronic logbooks
Every trip is automatically recorded, thus creating an efficient electronic logbook for FBT purposes. 

Exclude image
Speed monitoring
Easily manage and identify 'at risk' driving behaviour by setting a speed limit. You can also create alerts or reports to highlight instances where drivers exceed the set threshold. 

Exclude image
Harsh braking, acceleration and cornering
These are classic indicators of aggressive driving, and they can increase wear and tear, fuel consumption and the likelihood of an accident. Telematics allows you to monitor and address any concerns. 
Exclude image
Historical trip analysis
A useful tool for driver coaching, this feature maps previous trips and driver activity. 

Exclude image
Geo fencing 
This is a virtual boundary that lets you know whether your assets and drivers are where they should be. Alerts and reports can be created to monitor vehicles entering and exiting areas as well as time spent there. 
Exclude image
Seatbelt on/off
Alerts and reports can be created as well as a continuous in-vehicle buzzer if seat belt is not connected. This is particularly useful for compliance in mining applications. 

Exclude image
Driver ID  
Driver ID tags are used to register who’s driving the vehicle. In-vehicle buzzers can be used to remind drivers to swipe tags before commencing the journey. 

With ForceField Telematics®, you’ll be able to utilise your fleet more efficiently, track maintenance and reduce preventable accidents. For more information on how this technology could help your Fleet business click below and get your personal consultation.


Toyota Fleet Management is a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536. A member of the Toyota Group of Companies. ForceField Telematics® is a registered trademark of Toyota Fleet Management.

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