Meet Forcefield Telematics®: the technology that makes your fleet more efficient

November 2017

Locate savings opportunities with Telematics. Toyota Fleet Management.

Time and efficiency are two thing business owners can never have enough of. Traditionally, running a fleet of vehicles took up a lot of the former and didn’t produce enough of the latter, but advancements in technology and connectivity have transformed the way fleets are being managed, saving both time and money.

If your fleet’s not moving, it’s not earning. And if you don’t know what it’s doing, how can you affect change? That’s where ForceField Telematics® can help. It’s a mobile technology that tracks vehicle and driver behaviour, with data that provides invaluable analytics on vehicle utilisation – potentially enabling your business to save thousands. 

Fleet managers can use the data they collect to manage servicing and maintenance more effectively, which helps reduce vehicle downtime and unplanned maintenance. The technology also gives fleet managers unprecedented control and visibility, not just over where, when and how long a vehicle is in use, but in providing detailed intelligence, such as seatbelt usage, speed, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, all provide valuable insights into driver behaviour and fuel consumption, which can ultimately affect your bottom line.

“Identifying issues with drivers isn’t just a health and safety issue,” said Glen Tomlinson, General Manager of Toyota Fleet Management Australia. “Unsafe drivers can be a drain on a fleet’s operational costs. Promoting safer driving can improve liability, reduce compensation payments and costly delays associated with even minor accidents. Some businesses may even see their insurance claim costs reduced, thanks to lower incident rates.”

A smart move

Employees feel the benefits too. Electronic logbooks help reduce hours spent on administration, while live tracking data provides opportunities for better route planning, reducing delays, improving customer service and lowering driver frustration.

Fuel costs are a significant expenditure for any fleet, so fleet managers are always looking for ways to ease the pressure. Forcefield Telematics give you visibility over the routes your fleet is using, which is important as you can reduce fuel costs by helping identify shorter and faster routes for your fleet to use. Another way is by monitoring and educating drivers on fuel-efficient driving.

Last, but by no means least, mobile tracking technology like ForceField Telematics® can have a positive impact on a business’s Fringe Benefits Tax liabilities, by identifying vehicles with the highest business usage and deploying the Operating Cost Method to optimise tax advantages.

Sophisticated products like ForceField Telematics® are just the start of the revolution. With fully automated vehicles not far off, smart fleet managers are poised to reap the benefits of smart technology to drive more business opportunities than ever.

“A technology like ForceField Telematics® gives businesses an incredible tool to help reduce costs, enhance utilisation and drive efficiencies,” said Ed Stanistreet. “It’s an opportunity fleet managers a generation ago could only dream of.”

For more information about how ForceField Telematics® can help your business, download our PDF or enquire now.

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