Why car sharing can save time and money for your business and your staff

car sharing with Toyota Fleet Management

As a business owner, running a fleet of vehicles in a practical and cost-efficient way, can be challenging. It’s a relentless quest for efficiency. Not only do you need to manage staff, vehicles and maintenance, you also need to keep an eye on costs, all while running your business.

Car Sharing from Toyota Fleet Management, not only streamlines your fleet management giving you total visibility and driver accountability, it also ensures your employees have access to a fleet of vehicles when they need to get things done. Shifting to Car Sharing means you can significantly reduce fleet-related costs over the long term, improve vehicle utilisation and relieve the administrative burden on your business. 

1. Easy Share

Great for businesses who need an easy, cost efficient way of managing a fleet. In the Easy Share bundle, drivers enter a booking in the system and use a key to gain access to the vehicle. This centralised system enables users to see vehicle availability at a glance and make bookings in just a few clicks.

Reason to choose Easy Share:

    • Gives you a centralised booking service
    • Provides dashboard reporting for greater visibility over your fleet
    • Means you can easily distribute your fleet providing more efficiency
    • Lowest cost
    • The system is highly customisable

2. Connected Share

Connected Share offers all the benefits of Easy Share, but with integrated Forcefield TelematicsTM  technology for additional vehicle location information and superior reporting options.

Reasons to choose Connected Share:

    • It connects Forcefield TelematicsTM 
    • Auto check-in and auto booking expiry is enabled
    • Provides tracking for driver safety and vehicle performance

Want to learn more about Forcefield Telematics
TM? Click here.

3. Keyless Share

Unlock and go. Use your swipe card or smartphone to access your car. Our Keyless Share bundle is our top level option. It combines all the benefits of our other bundles – Dashboard metrics, ForceField Telematics, together with the ultimate convenience of keyless entry.

Reasons to choose Keyless Share:

    • Keyless entry gives you easy tap and go access
    • Activated by a swipe card or smart phone 
    • Get after hours and weekend access, with the option to charge for private use 
    • Remote vehicle lock / unlock is enabled, for even more convenience

Like you, we know that a fleet’s needs vary from business to business. Regardless of size or industry, Car Sharing offers a tailor-made fleet solution that helps you with the daily management of vehicles to maximise efficiency. 
 If you are looking for a smarter way to manage a fleet, let Toyota Fleet Management reduce the cost of your current mobility options for your business. Find out how here.

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