Car Sharing

Lost keys, unreported damage, lack of visibility and underutilised vehicles are just some of the problems that can occur when company cars are shared between staff. But now there’s Car Sharing from Toyota Fleet Management.

Car Sharing utilises a centralised web-based scheduling, booking and reporting system that gives you total visibility of your shared or pool vehicle fleet.

It’s easy to use and can save you time, reduce costs and streamline administration.

Car Sharing benefits


Easy to use and accessible 24/7

Our Car Sharing system is so simple to use. Staff can log in from anywhere, anytime, via iPhone, Android or Desktop. The interface reveals which vehicles are available, and bookings can be made in just a few clicks, eliminating the need for tedious reservation systems.

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Greater visibility and vehicle utilisation

No more vehicles sitting idle, you can now maximise the use of your vehicles with smart features such as auto booking expiry, auto moving of bookings and auto extension of late bookings. With Car Sharing, any vehicle returned early shows up in the system and can be re-booked; maintenance or damage issues can be logged for prompt attention; and if you choose, unused vehicles can even be booked for private use.

What’s more, dashboard metrics reporting gives you full visibility of your vehicle optimisation, so you can take steps to maintain optimum usage of your fleet.

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Streamlined administration and reduced costs

Our Car Sharing system provides a centralised, single point of booking, reducing administration. It also allows you to identify potential cost efficiencies and reduce costs. Plus, optimising vehicle usage can create further savings.

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Customisation for greater control

Our platform is highly customisable. This means you can control your management of shared vehicles by using smart features such as email templates, bulk loading of users, vehicle policy enforcement and the ability to set separate business and private rates by time or kilometres.

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A smarter, safer fleet with ForceField Telematics

Our Car Sharing system is integrated with ForceField Telematics, a mobile technology that tracks vehicle and driver behaviour. By monitoring driver patterns you can identify ‘at risk’ drivers, helping to prevent accidents before they happen and saving you on damages and fines. It also allows you to identify and reward good drivers. Available with selected packages only.

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Keyless entry

No need to worry about who had the keys last. With our Keyless entry option, each staff member has a key card that gives them access to pool vehicles. We can provide your company with new cards or we can program existing staff access cards if you prefer. Available with selected packages only.

Your choice of bundles

We offer three packages to suit different business needs.

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Easy Share

With our Easy Share package, drivers enter a booking in the system and use a key to gain access to the vehicle. This centralised system enables users to see vehicle availability at a glance and make bookings in just a few clicks.

Reasons to choose Easy Share:

  • Can Improve your vehicle utilisation
  • Eliminates paper-based booking processes
  • Centralised booking service
  • Dashboard reporting 
  • Lowest cost
  • Highly customisable
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Connected Share

Connected Share offers all the benefits of Easy Share, but with integrated ForceField Telematics technology for additional vehicle location information and superior reporting options. A key is still required.

Reasons to choose Connected Share:

  • ForceField Telematics for location and data accuracy
  • Auto check-in and auto booking expiry
  • Tracking for driver safety and vehicle performance
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Keyless Share

Our top package, Keyless Share offers all the benefits of our other packages – advanced vehicle and driver data-capture and superior reporting options – together with the ultimate convenience of keyless entry.

Reasons to choose Keyless Share:

  • Keyless entry for tap and go access
  • Activated by a swipe card or smart phone
  • After hours and weekend access, with the option to charge for private use
  • Remote vehicle lock / unlock

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