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What is ForceField Telematics?

TFM’s telematics product, ForceField Telematics, is a mobile technology that tracks vehicle and driver behaviour. Data provides insights to help you identify safety concerns, while maximising operational efficiencies.

What are the benefits?

Unsafe driving can be a significant cost to your business in employee injuries, lost productivity, asset damage, litigation and fines. ForceField Telematics is designed to address these issues by helping you manage and improve driver behaviour.

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Improve driver safety

ForceField Telematics helps you identify ‘at risk’ drivers to prevent accidents before they happen. By managing and improving driver behaviour, you can create a crash-free culture and reward good drivers.

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Maximise operational efficiency

By monitoring your vehicles, you can optimise vehicle utilisation. With full visibility of your fleet, any surplus vehicles can be reallocated or disposed of. You can also implement better route planning.

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Along with savings driven by performance efficiencies, electronic logbooks can save hours in manual entries to help improve productivity. ForceField Telematics could also enable you to receive insurance premium discounts and reduce claim costs through a lower incident rate.

Like a product demonstration?

The ForceField Telematics® range

Choose from these innovative products:


ForceField Telematics® Connect

With an ATO Class Ruling for electronic logbook, this product is ideal for passenger vehicles which requires vehicle location, basic reporting, alerts and electronic logbooks.


ForceField Telematics® Core

In addition to ForceField Telematics® Connect features, Core gives you access to Live Status and additional reporting, including driver Behaviour and Utilisation.


ForceField Telematics® Command

ForceField Telematics® Command offers an extensive range of features to help manage driver behaviour, including extensive reporting. Command builds on our Core product and introduces access to Dashboards, Fuel Tax Credit data recording and more.


ForceField Telematics® Complete

In addition to ForceField Telematics® Command features, Complete adds support for Posted Speed and optional accessories such as Satellite Connectivity and In-Vehicle Panic Buttons.

Optional inclusions
–  Satellite connectivity
–  Unpowered asset tracking
–  Lone worker protection, via an in-vehicle duress button or on-person pendant
–  Cargo temperature monitoring
–  CANBus engine management
–  Mine site compliance
–  Driver Identification using key fob or swipe card


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