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Take a look at how a novated lease could benefit you. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of all the costs involved, so you can see at a glance how much you could save when compared with a standard car loan.

Car on-road cost
Interest rate
FBT Base value
Statutory %
FBT method
Residual value

Monthly cost

$ *
Including all running costs & potential tax savings.
Salary Package Breakdown
Your annual gross salary
Novated lease pre-tax
Novated lease (ECM GST)
Novated lease (FBT)
Taxable salary
Income tax
Your salary after tax
Novated lease post-tax (ECM )
Estimated Salary after Novated Lease
Car Running Costs
Novated lease finance
Maintenance and tyres
Registration and CTP renewal
Comprehensive insurance
Management fee
Total Car Running Costs
Minus potential tax saving
Total car running cost after tax saving
Compared with a loan
Estimated Salary after loan and running costs
Comparative saving with a Novated Lease

Compare to car loan or cash*

A novated lease is a convenient, flexible and cash-free way to drive the car you want. All your costs are covered in one, budget-friendly monthly payment. Discover how much you could save with our handy comparison tool.

Car on-road cost -
Running costs
Tax saving
Total monthly cost
Residual value
Total cost after tax

Novated Lease Calculator


Potential Total saving

Monthly cost

$ *  

Including all running costs and potential tax savings.

*Savings and Costs are approximate based on the parameters selected above.
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