Salary Packaging

At Toyota Fleet Management, we are specialists in salary packaging. It's an agreement between you and an employee, which allows them to sacrifice some of their salary in return for a benefit. Employees can package a range of items, including cars on novated leases. Plus work related items exempt from FBT, like laptops, mobile phones and lounge memberships.

Salary packaging is a great benefit for employees, as packaging items using their pre-tax salary can help reduce their taxable income and PAYG tax payable.

With administration direct from TFM, you'll enjoy market-leading service. Over 350 companies across Australia are saving time by outsourcing administration and simplifying their payroll with TFM. You can too.

What is Salary Packaging?

Novated Lease tick tick tick tick
Associate Lease tick tick tick tick
Laptop/PDA tick tick tick tick
Mobile Phone tick tick tick tick
Airport Lounge Membership tick tick tick tick
Extra Superannuation tick tick tick tick
Expense Items (mortgage, rent, school fees, credit card etc.)
tick tick tick
Meals and entertainment tick tick
EFLE - Accommodation tick tick
Remote Area Benefits tick tick tick tick

Features include:

  • Dedicated account managers for payroll and human resources.
  • Covers all FBT status groups, from corporate entities to charities.
  • Comprehensive training for payroll and human resources.
  • Administration and design of employees' salary packaging options.
  • Education and onsite information sessions for employees.
  • Specialist expertise and knowledge of FBT salary packaging benefits.
  • Full FBT and GST reporting and management.

Enjoy these benefits:

  • Attract and retain employees, thanks to competitive salary packages.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind knowing there's no cost to you, the employer.
  • Simplify payroll procedures, eliminating the need for monthly invoices.
  • Benefit from market-leading rates with finance direct from TFM.
  • Save money with no interest or fees on negative balance accounts.
  • Minimise administration with a dedicated team to look after salary packaging.
  • Help employees take advantage of TFM's bulk purchase agreements.
  • Relax with seamless transition if you change providers.

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