Small Business Fleet

We know running a fleet can be hard work. Especially when you have a million other things to juggle. Toyota Fleet Management have a range of products and services, specifically developed with small business in mind, and we employ small business experts who understand the challenges you face. This, in conjunction with our dealer network, means that our small business team can keep your fleet running smoothly so you can get back to business. If you have up to 20 vehicles as part of your business, Toyota Fleet Management (TFM) can help to ease the load and save you time as well as money.


CompleteLease conveniently bundles the costs associated with a vehicle lease, covering core items like servicing, registration, tyres and maintenance. You can even add optional extras like roadside assist, a TFM fuel card and TFM’s comprehensive motor vehicle insurance* into your monthly repayment. Simply choose a new vehicle then set the lease term and kilometer usage. Once everything is bundled together, all you need to take care of is a single, monthly payment.

  • Improved cash flow. With no deposit needed, you can free up cash flow and direct it back into your business
  • Flexibility. Choose your own lease term, between 12 and 60 months
  • Predictable payments. A Fixed monthly cost helps you budget and takes away the uncertainty of unexpected charges
  • Easy management. Whether you're leasing one vehicle or 20, each contract invoice is bundled into one monthly invoice
  • Comprehensive reporting. Know how your vehicles are performing with our range of fleet reports
  • Free up resources. Spend less time on vehicle management and more time on running your business

Maintained Chattel Mortgage

A Maintained Chattel Mortgage is  a smart way to purchase your vehicles, with  potential tax benefits built in. First, choose your deposit amount, loan term and kilometer usage. Then enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free, monthly invoice. With your running costs included, plus the option to add roadside assist, a TFM fuel card and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance* from TFM, you’re free to focus on your business.

  • Tax benefits. GST, depreciation and interest charges may be cliamed back. You may also be eligible to claim back the fuel input tax credit
  • Flexibility. Choose the loan term that suits you, from 12 to 60 months
  • Hassle-free payments. Make just one fixed, monthly payment that includes your running costs
  • Easy management. Whether you're financing one vehicle or 20, each contract is detailed in your monthly invoice
  • comprehensive reporting. Know how your veihcles are performing with our range of fleet reports
  • Free up resources. Spend less time on vehicle management and more time on running your business

Find out all you need to know about financing options for Small Fleets here. 

Novated Lease

A novated lease is a salary packaging arrangement, where an employer pays an employee’s car finance and running costs directly from their salary. It's a tax effective way for an employee to get into a new car.

  • Staff benefit - add value to your employees salary package
  • Simply admin - one monthly invoice for everything
  • No risk - keeps the car with the employee even if they move on

Calculate and compare your tax savings here. 


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