How Novated Lease Works

The application process with TFM is simple and from start to finish takes around five working days.

Here are the steps:

  1. Contact us for an exact quote on 1300 888 872
  2. Review your employer's car policy before choosing your car, if your employer doesn't have an agreement with us, no problem we can advise you on how to get one put in place.
  3. TFM presents you with a quote and salary analysis, including the finance application, we can email this to your directly.
  4. You accept the quote and submit your finance application
  5. Subject to credit approval your finance is approved and the lease documentation is prepared
  6. You and your employer sign the lease documents
  7. The car is delivered to you
  8. Your employer is sent a notification to commence salary deductions

Things to consider:

  • There are some key things to consider when you are taking out a novated lease
  • What type of car do you want? (Remember, TFM novates all cars, not just Toyotas).
  • Check out your employer's policy on novated leasing
  • Decide how much you can afford by estimating your lease payments
  • Think about car options and accessories
  • Estimate how many kilometres you'll travel each year (private and business)
  • Decide on a lease term that suits you
  • Consider independent financial advice 

Novated lease explained

To uncover more detail about novated leasing check out novated lease explained which takes you through the novated lease journey.


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