ForceField Telematics | Toyota Fleet Management
Number 1

A bespoke locator unit is fitted to the vehicles, enabling all sorts of data collection.

Number 2

This data is transmitted over the cellular network to ensure maximum coverage.

Number 3

All data, analytics and reports can be accessed on your desktop and mobile devices.

1. Improve Driver Safety

ForceField Telematics® helps you manage and improve driver behaviour with powerful monitoring tools that allow you to build a safer culture, by proactively improving driving attitudes and practices.

ForceField Telematics® helps you to:
* Identify ‘at risk’ drivers to prevent accidents before they happen
Proactively manage driver fatigue
Save on damages and fines

With ForceField Telematics you are able to provide driver feedback, coaching and training to further reduce careless driving and the likelihood of accidents. Create a safer driving culture by proactively improving attitudes and practices.

2. Maximise operational efficiency

Enhance utilisation

In most cases, the biggest opportunity for reducing costs is by optimising vehicle utilisation. With full visibility of your fleet, any surplus vehicles can be reallocated or disposed of.

Increase productivity through electronic logbooks

Electronic logbooks can save a significant amount of time when compared to manual logbooks. Electronic data can also be used to improve productivity through better route planning.

3. Reduce Costs

Reduce Operating Costs 

Reduce fleet expenses like fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums through effective proactive driver management.

Fringe Benefits Tax

In some cases, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) can be reduced by adopting the Operating Cost Method (Logbook Method) to calculate liability. ForceField Telematics® features electronic logbooks to automate the collection of trip data, which can help identify vehicles with high business usage. ATO compliance is simplified even further, with an ATO Class Ruling for our solution.

Fuel Tax Credit

Utilise data captured through ForceField Telematics® to support your Fuel Tax credit claims.

ForceField Telematics® Core

ForceField Telematics Core provides you with access to Live Status (vehicle location and activity), electronic logbooks with an ATO Class Ruling for FBT, as well as reports and real time alerts via email and SMS.

ForceField Telematics® Command

ForceField Telematics® Command offers an extensive range of features to help manage driver behaviour, including extensive reporting. Command builds on our Core product and introduces access to Dashboards, Fuel Tax Credit data recording and more.

ForceField Telematics® Complete

In addition to ForceField Telematics® Command features, Complete adds support for Posted Speed and optional accessories such as Satellite Connectivity and In-Vehicle Panic Buttons.


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