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I am an Employer providing Novated Leases for Employees.

During this time of uncertainty, your employees and their ability access to salary packaging benefits may be impacted.

TFM would like to reassure all employers and employees experiencing financial difficulty throughout this time that we are here to help. We understand that everyone has their own unique circumstances and we will work with you to tailor a solution.

To ensure we can offer assistance in a timely and effective way, we simply requesting that you speak with us. Contact your Relationship Manager to discuss how we can accommodate you and your employees during this period.

In some instances where financial difficulty has eventuated for your staff, we are willing to provide assistance to them. Please refer to our Relief Application Form to assist your employees in the event that they should need it.

By understanding any changes your company will be making, we may be able to assist your employees and provide comfort around their salary packaging benefits.

I am an Employer providing Novated Leases for Employees
I have a Novated Lease – how can Toyota assist my finances?

What if I am experiencing financial difficulty and I have a novated lease?

Like many businesses in Australia, our Customer Support Teams are experiencing a significant increase in customer enquiries relating to COVID-19. Although our employees are working around the clock to help, we expect some impacts on our service times.

We ask employees who need immediate assistance to contact us through our Novated General Enquiries inbox [email protected] where our dedicated team will respond as quickly as possible to all enquiries.

If you have been impacted by COVID-19 and are experiencing financial difficulty, please complete the Novated Relief Application. Attach it, along with the supporting documents and e-mail to [email protected] Our support team will work swiftly to assess your application.


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